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Painting restoration at home: let your paintings shine in your interior

Painting restoration at home? Of course!

“We have finally found someone who also restores paintings at home!!”

This is the comment I often get. Restoring your precious works of art in the comfort of your own home is a unique service only provided by Atelier IDDI painting restoration.

Do you have paintings that have been affected by the ravages of time? Or do you have doubts about that? Do you have a valuable legacy that needs to be restored with the necessary care? Or do you simply need to have your collection, wall or ceiling painting freshened up and receive advice on maintenance? IDDI painting restoration offers a unique service: professional painting restoration at home.

In this blog post we would like to take you into our world of painting restoration and explain the benefits of our unique home service. We discuss what is involved in painting restoration, how we work and why it may be the perfect solution for your precious works of art.

Why painting restoration at home?

There are many advantages to having your paintings and interior paintings restored at home:

There are many advantages to having your paintings and interior paintings restored at home:

Convenience: You do not have to transport your valuable works of art to a studio, which can cause stress and risk of damage. We come to your home so that you can have your paintings restored in their familiar environment.

Savings on costs: by having painting restoration carried out at home, the high costs of art transport are eliminated. Administrative costs and man-hours for loan forms and insurance work will also be waived.

Peace: The work is carried out in peace and quiet. We try to remain in the background as much as possible, so that you can continue to feel at home undisturbed.

Personal service: We take the time to view your paintings, discuss your wishes and draw up a tailor-made restoration plan. You can work closely with us throughout the process and stay informed of progress.

Transparency: We work with transparent prices and you always receive a clear quotation in advance. So you know exactly where you stand for your painting restoration at home.

Expertise: Our experienced restorers specialize in restoring a wide range of paintings, from old masters to modern art. We use only the best materials and techniques to restore your paintings with the necessary care and attention.

Safety: Your paintings are in safe hands with us. We work with caution and take all necessary measures to protect your artwork from damage.

Watch & Share: You can, if desired, experience the restoration process by watching. Because we are working at your home, this offers a unique opportunity to look over our shoulders, take photos and share them with your loved ones. How nice it is to be able to share this experience!

What does the restoration of paintings, wall paintings and ceiling paintings mean for your interior?

Painting restoration is the art and science of restoring and preserving paintings. This includes a wide range of work, from cleaning dirt and dust to repairing tears, cracks and holes, refilling missing paint and restoring missing areas.

We offer our services at home for paintings on canvas, panel, metal and plastic. This may include paintings, wall paintings and ceiling paintings.

The goal of painting restoration is to restore the beauty and integrity of a painting while respecting the artist’s original intent as much as possible. In short, refreshing and preserving your art gives the interior a refreshing experience.

Example of restoration of wall paintings at home

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What can Atelier IDDI painting restoration at home do for you?

Atelier IDDI painting restoration offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Cleaning paintings, wall painting & ceiling painting
  • Removing layers of varnish
  • Repairing cracks and holes
  • Filling in missing paint
  • Recovering missing games
  • Strengthening weak parts
  • Advice on conservation and maintenance

Whether you need a small or extensive restoration, Atelier IDDI can help you with our painting restoration at home. We work with passion and dedication to restore your treasured paintings and interior pieces and preserve their beauty for generations to come.

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We are happy to help you restore your precious works of art with the necessary care and attention.


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