The Hague – painting restoration

The Hague - the restoration studio for your paintings

Your painting is welcome in The Hague for restoration. Painting Restoration Atelier IDDI regularly works on a project basis, together with independently working painting restorers who have obtained their academic degree (particularly from the University of Amsterdam). Sharing knowledge and experience through collaboration and knowledge exchange is a top priority at our studio.


Conservation, restoration and research of paintings in The Hague

Painting restoration - Atelier IDDI specializes in the conservation and restoration of paintings and painted objects, from early painting to the present day. Painting Restoration - Atelier IDDI works for individuals, museums, art management agencies and cultural heritage organizations. The painting restoration studio was founded by Zuhura Iddi.

The Address of the painting restoration studio in The Hague

Laan van Poot 118
2566 EC The Hague
T 030 6332910

Restauratie schilderijen - Den Haag
Restauratie schilderijen - Den Haag
Restauratie schilderijen - Atelier Iddi
Restauratie schilderijen - Den Haag

After arrival and introduction, the restoration process is started.

Painting restoration Atelier IDDI The Hague is specialized in:

Conservation and restoration of Paintings and painted surfaces

Preventive conservation / preservation of your work of art

Preparation of damage reports - for insurance, loan traffic and exhibition supervision


Quotation? Come by with your painting!

Do you have a painting that you want to restore? For a good quote it is important that the painting is assessed by the painting restorer. Pay attention! Due to my work on location, I may not be there at times. It is therefore advisable to make an appointment.

RRestoration The Hague - your painting in focus

The painting (with the associated restoration history) is central to our restoration work. We focus on preserving and restoring the authentic object. The aim is to bring the painting as close as possible to the artist's intention. The natural aging of the materials is respected here.

Collaboration The Hague - restoration of paintings

The basis of our work is our many years of expertise and collaboration with other painting restorers in The Hague and throughout the Netherlands. Keeping up with new developments and the exchange of knowledge therefore have a high priority. In addition to collaborating with other painting conservators, it is sometimes necessary to collaborate with conservators from other disciplines when researching and restoring the paintings. This interdisciplinary work ensures you of a good basis for the restoration of your painting.