Workshop Mastering Fills & Retouches by Jim Bernstein, 18-22 April 2016

20160109_113024A multidisciplinary master class workshop for conservators of paper, objects and paintings, wishing to improve their mastery of filling and inpainting skills.

Workshop fees: Standard: € 875,00
Deadline for registration 1 March 2016

Workshop fees will include lunches.

Applications are on a first come basis. A maximum number of 20 participants will be accepted. Due to the high costs of this workshop, it will only go ahead if the maximum number of participants is reached. Applicants will be informed on 1 March 2016 if the workshop will be held.
Registration forms are available at
Discount bookings for accommodation at Townhouse Hotel only through SRAL.

                                                            Organisers: Kate Seymour and Siska Losse

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